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Many people rescued and asked to leave as the worst flooding in decades continue in Australia

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Image courtesy of Reuters.

Many people have been rescued, thousands asked to evacuate, and some neighborhoods closed off as heavy rain and floods continue in parts of Australia especially in New South Wales. Many homes and businesses have been damaged with some saying they have never seen flooding like this before.

Video has shown water so high that it is rushing through homes, water coming up through manhole covers, cars lifted and taken down rivers, and parks turning into lakes. According to 9 News Australia beaches are closed in some locations and schools are also closed for some. Some people have unfortunately died due to the flooding. Supplies are also being delivered to hard-hit areas.

Many animals have also had to be rescued due to the flooding. Also, according to BBC News telecommunications and power has been knocked out for some.

The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia forecasting rain to continue for some locations. The BoM saying that the flooding was due to heavy rains in a very short period of time. However, they say a drier airmass will bring better weather conditions.

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