What is a high wind event and what to do during a high wind event?

What is a high wind event?

A high wind event usually occurs when you have sustained winds 40 to 50 mph according to the National Weather Service. This could cause some isolated damage to infrastructure and trees. Any higher winds could cause some significant damage.

What to do during a high wind event?

During high winds you are going to want to plan ahead, especially if traveling as strong winds could make travel difficult. Especially if you drive a high profile vehicle like a truck, van, or SUV. Highs winds can even make traveling in the sky difficult. So check with your airline ahead of time. Secure objects outside or move them inside. Be mindful of trees around your property. It may be a good idea to cut down some limbs hanging over your property before a high wind event, not during it. Have flashlights, candles, or a generator in case you lose power. Always follow proper protocol when using a generator. Here is one, do not under any circumstances start a generator inside your home, garage, and any other enclosed space for that. You could put your self and others at risk for carbon monoxide poising. You will also still want to prepare for the possibility of damage to and/or around your home/business.