What is an ice storm and what to do during an ice storm?

What is an ice storm?

An ice storm can occur when you have freezing and/or sleet falling with really cold temps especially at the surface. The NWS says heavy ice accumulations could bring down power lines, power poles, and trees. Heavy ice accumulation could damage buildings and homes while also making travel difficult. You should also be cautious of smaller ice accumulation events as they could cause minor problems with infrastructure along with minor problems with travel. Remember, bridges and overpasses freeze over before other roads. Black ice, one of most dangerous kinds of ice can form from an ice storm. This ice is hard to spot and just rain and freezing temps could cause black ice to form.

What to do in an ice storm?

Before an ice storm occurs, make sure to bring in any objects from outdoors or cover any objects outside you don’t want damaged. Check to see if tree branches are hanging over the property that may become problematic later own down the road. Also, make sure to have flashlights and candles in the event you lose power at home.

When driving take it slow on the roads, leave space between you and the car in front of you. If you began skidding, do not slam on the breaks, you could flip your car. Instead, lightly tap on the breaks and turn in the direction your car is going.