What is flooding and what to do during flooding?

What is flooding?

Flooding is when water covers normally dry ground. Flooding can occur when water overtops river banks, when levees break, a dam breaks, when there is heavy rainfall, sometimes when there is snowmelt, and when ocean water comes on to shore. Flooding can occur even when there is a few inches of water on the ground.

What to do during flooding?

Before flooding occurs it is important to have all your important documents together. It may be a good idea to have insurance to protect your valuables during flood events as well.

Now, if ever faced with a flooding situation, move to higher ground! Note, if you are dealing with river or creek flooding, it may take a while for a river or creek to crest. Which means it will take longer for water to recede.

Never drive, walk, or swim through flooded roads/areas, turn around don’t drown. Remember, it doesn’t take much water to knock a person off their feet.