What is fog and what to do during fog?

What is fog?

Fog is basically a cloud that forms right above the surface when the water vapor condenses and combines with each other to make small water droplets that stays in the air. Water droplets is what makes the fog visible because you can not see water vapor. Some more fog we see is dense fog which is very thick fog. Another kind of fog is freezing fog. This happens in areas where there is fog and temps near freezing. Roads, especially bridges and overpasses could become slick and sidewalks could become slick.

What to do when it’s foggy?

First, if traveling, especially on the road, leave your self extra time to make it your destination. When driving, take it slow on the roads and keep a good amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Also, make sure to use the low beams on your car. Not your high beams, putting your high beams on could make travel more difficult. If flying you may want to check in with your airline as fog has a history of delaying flights.