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Here is what our snow chances look like this week

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Chance of Snow – As of Monday, January 14, 2019

It feels like we just got rid of the snow and now we will have to deal with more snow in the coming days. I know some of you love it and others are like…just keep the snow.

Our snow chances are not high going into Tuesday. A few snowflakes are possible going into Tuesday though. Wednesday will bring us a slightly greater chance of snow, just a little but not that much.

Thursday will bring us a chance of snow and rain. Some of this rain and snow could be steady at times. The rain and snow will last all day. I will personally say I have a slight concern for schools/school districts due to Thursday’s weather. I will discuss this more in detail in a later forecast post.

Snow and rain will linger into early morning Friday before tapering off later Friday morning.

I am watching for the chance of another winter storm on Saturday. There is a good chanceĀ that we could see snow but. That could change, especially as new models become available.

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