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Here is an update on the snow expected to move into the area tonight into tomorrow

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Future Radar 1-31-19 to 2-1-19

Snow is expected to move into the area tonight. We will first deal with a little rain this afternoon. The rain should move into the area around 5 PM. Just in time for the evening rush hour. The good news is, the rain doesn’t look to be that heavy.

The first signs of snow will then move into the area around 8 PM this evening. Snow will move into the western parts of the county coverage area first. So places like Richmond, IN and Winchester, IN will see the snow first.

As we head towards 9 PM, snow will quickly overspread the area. Cities like Dayton and Troy will begin to see the snow.

By midnight, snow will be falling just about everywhere. Some snow could even be steady at times.

Snow will continue to fall through the overnight hours. Again, some snow may be steady at times. If you are heading out during the overnight hours you will want to take it slow on the roads and be cautious of possible slick spots.

Snow will continue into the morning rush hour. I do see school delays or possibly a 3rd snow day for some tomorrow. Why do I see this? It has to do with snow accumulations, but. Again, watch out for slick spots and take it slow on the roads even past 7 and 8 AM.

Before I talk about snow accumulations. Let’s finish timing out the snow, snow will continue into the late morning hours Friday. Snow will then taper off between 11 AM and 1 PM tomorrow.

Snow Accumulations By Friday, February 1, 2018

Alright, here is my snow accumulation forecast. I calling for at least 2 inches of snow. Most likely we will have 3 to 5 inches snow. At most we could see 6 inches of snow.

Snow Depth by 2 PM 2-1-19

The highest of the snow accumulations look to be around the I-70 corridor and east of I-75.

Winter Weather Safety Tips

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