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Rain likely and some more winter weather possible Sunday as a low pressure moves through the area

Last Updated 4 months ago by Devontae Jackson.

Image courtesy of COD Nexlab.

Precipitation will move through the area late Saturday and continue into Sunday, thanks to a low pressure. I’m thinking most of the precipitation will be in the form of rain. However, our temperatures will be hovering around 32 degrees. That means some of us could see a wintry mix. A little bit of freezing rain and sleet, just a little bit could mix in as well on Sunday as we deal with temperatures around 32 degrees. I think the model is overdoing it on the snow. Right now, I don’t we will have as much snow as the model is showing. However, a few snowflakes could mix in, hint the wintry mix. Precipitation should move to our east as we head into Sunday evening. This forecast could change.

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