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Tracking freezing rain this morning

Last Updated 1 month ago by Devontae Jackson.

Image courtesy of the WPC.

Here is a look at the latest surface map this morning. Temps here in western Ohio are sitting in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. Winds are from the northeast bringing in that cooler air.

Here is a look at radar this morning, rain and some possible freezing rain is just to our south. Rain will continue to move into an environment where temps will be going back and forth around the freezing limit.

Image courtesy of COD Nexlab.

Here is a look at one forecast model this morning. Again, rain will move into the area as we head throughout the day. Temps going back and forth around the freezing mark could create some freezing rain for some. As we head into Tuesday, temps will warm enough to cause any leftover freezing rain to become just rain. A glaze of ice up to 2 tenths of an inch of ice is possible.

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